KicKee Pants Holiday Dress Guide

Growing up we have such wonderful memories of our Holiday traditions, decorating the tree, baking cookies and spending time with family. We also have those memories that will be burned in our brains forever, like those scratchy tights and stiff dresses we were forced to wear throughout the entire Holiday Season! Yes, you know the tights where you walk and everything sticks to them, or the dresses where people can hear you coming from down the hall? Yeah those. They may be beautiful, but what child really likes wearing those things? As you know, here at KicKee Pants we create all of our fabrications and styles based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing, even when they are dressed up, and that apparel for little ones should celebrate the innocence of childhood. Our girls should be able to run, jump and play! Let's allow them to! 

Check out our picks for a Holiday dress that will encourage more fun memories and stop the cycle of those dreaded scratchy tights!