Behind the Scenes of Spring 2015

KicKee Pants Founder and Designer, Erin Cloke, sure has a great time designing 6 (might we ad, extremely large) collections per year. The collections have grown significantly from the very first Basic collection. KicKee Pants now offers everything from bibs and underwear to swaddles, dresses;  and after many requests, a collection of our KP softness made just for women. We have your family covered!  (Dads, we still love you, KP for men?) :) 

Our Spring 2015 collection is currently in the works. As you know each collection/season has it's very own theme. Erin does such an amazing job of capturing the feeling of the collection, and I am sure it translates well within your family as soon as you bring home your first KP item. 

Here is what Erin had to say about our new Spring 2015 collection, along with a few of her own drawings. A true behind the scenes look of how a simple sketch can turn into such a beautiful garment passed down from child to child and multiples families for years. 

Q. Where did you get your inspiration for the theme of Spring 2015?

A. My inspiration usually comes from my children and the natural world around us. Spring is always an amazing season with baby animals, flowers opening everywhere and a sense of new life. The designs for Spring this year were inspired by that feeling.

Q. How do you choose your color scheme?

A. It is usually a combination of color trends and stories, as well as matching the color story with the feeling I want to create in the line. Sometimes I will take a swatch book outside and match a certain flower or leaf, other times I am just looking for that perfect blue (for example) and it just jumps out at me! 

Q. What is your favorite part about designing the line?

A. Each time I work on a new line, I get a chance to rediscover the world through the eyes of babies and children. Where everything can be magical and exciting, and anything is possible. It is really fun to remember that feeling of wonder and remember what it is to see the world through the eyes of a little one. 


behind the scenes 1.jpg
behind the scenes 2.jpg