One Man's Trash...

Ok, Ok we actually do not think our fabric scraps are trash at all, rather small treasures leftover from our factory. As many of you know we wrap all of our orders with these small fabric strips. We have now come to realize they are being put to good use!

Tamatha, from one of our favorite retailers, Baby Riddle, informed us that her daughter was raising money for a science class trip to Costa Rica by selling headbands and hair ties made out of our fabric scraps. What a great girl to see the potential in a simple scrap. Her creativity brought her one step closer to Costa Rica! 

Her little brother also got in on the action! 

Kids are not the only ones putting these ties to good use! We have heard many of our moms use their leftover scrap ties for headbands at the gym. Some swear they are the only headbands that don't slip off! Who needs Lululemon when you have KP? ;) Alana Lea Hayes recently shared her stylish headband creation with us. She said, "No KicKee Pants material goes unused, it's too soft!" We like how you think Alana, and might we add that you look great! 

Some of our very own KP Staffers have joined the movement too! Check out Kirby, the official Bainbridge Island office mascot, sporting his very own KP lei. :) 

Our scraps also come in handy as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ribbons for gift wrap. Even the most unskilled wrapper can stretch these around a gift for a beautiful and unique presentation. Keep this in mind for your next baby shower! 

If you consider yourself a Craft Queen, you can always take it to the next level and really step up your game with our fabric scraps. Try out our KP scrap tutorial to make a super stylish headband to keep those pesty flyaways out of your daughter's face. Maybe she will share it with you too! ) 

If you have a creative story or project where you used our KP scraps, be sure to let us know in the comments below! We want to hear and see it all!