KicKee Pants To The Rescue!

A few months ago Katie Klindtworth, shared her amazing and rather surprising birth story with us. With her blessing, we wanted to share it with all of you. We think it is a pretty cool story to tell! Here it goes...

Dear Kickee Pants,

Thanks for saving the day!

 On February 18th of this year at 5 in the morning I gradually awoke to some mild contractions. Being 37 weeks into my third pregnancy I didn't think much of it, since with my two previous pregnancies I had done most of my laboring at home before delivering at our birth center. By 6 am I could feel contractions progressing. My husband Jake had left for work much earlier that morning so I gave him a call to just let him know that he might stay put until I knew if this was the real deal or not (my husband does lots of long distance commuting in his day to day job). I decided to jump in the shower in hopes to stop or slow down labor. I was exhausted having been up past midnight the night before and just wanted a little more shut eye before my girls woke up. However, after 30 minutes in the shower, I was quite positive this was the real deal!

  In fact the contractions were surprisingly painful for only having been an hour and a half since they started. But I was in no hurry as both my previous labors were decently long. My first lasted 36 hrs and my second 13 hrs and they both included about 2 1/2 hr of pushing. I then called Jake and asked him to head home, he was about 35 minutes away. From there I proceeded to make a few phone calls. I called my mom-in-law who would be staying with our girls, my mom who would be heading to the birth center with us and my midwife. I remained very calm as I was chatting with my midwife despite the fact the contractions were about 2 minutes apart and the pain was progressing rapidly. I agreed to call my midwife when we were leaving, but we tentatively agreed to meet at the birth center at 7:30 depending on when my husband got home. 

  When I hung up the phone with her it was as if my labor took a very quick turn! In the next 20 minutes I must have called Jake a half a dozen times or more, begging him to DRIVE FASTER and GET HOME NOW!! And in the midst of that I was frantically trying to get my things together, yes that's right; my hospital bag was not packed! At 7:15 my mom-in-law opened the door to find me yelling through a contraction, and Jake was seconds behind her. I'm pretty sure this was a bit alarming for my hubby to find me in such a state. The only time I made any kind of noise through contractions in my previous labors was immediately before and during pushing. So he took over and frantically ran around getting the remainder of our stuff together. We kissed our girls goodbye who were just waking up and scrambled out the door by 7:25. My husband called our birth center answering service to let them know we were just now leaving and we would be late, as it was a 40 minute drive. They stated they would pass on the message to our midwife. 

  Less than 10 minutes into our trip I was quite sure my mind was playing tricks on me because I was feeling the intense urge to push through contraction. At this point my contractions were still about 2-3 minutes apart lasting about a minute long and they were KILLLER!! After a few more contractions I had my legs on the dash and was screaming trying not to push. Half way through our trip my water broke (thank goodness for the diaper in my bag which came in major handy)! For the first time in all my labors I was dreaming of an Epidural, I had never felt pain so intense in my life! As we approached a rest stop about 7 minutes from our birth center I felt a familiar unbearable burning, if you have ever had a natural drug free birth you know the feeling! Screaming, I told Jake I was having our baby. He was coming out now! Jake immediately called 911 and I continued doing everything I could to avoid pushing. I was quite literally holding our baby in!  By the grace of God the contraction stopped and I urged Jake to continue on! We were almost there and I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE OUR SON ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY! So the 911 operator wished us luck and my husband hesitantly continued speeding down the freeway. 

As we reached town I somehow maintained through the red lights and the few contractions that followed. I was doing everything in my power to resist the urge to push. I still very confused and trying process was what happening. Could I really be having this baby so quickly, I mean it had only been less than 3 hours since I had my first contraction! 

  But FINALLY after that beyond ridiculous trip, we had arrived at the birth center. Unbelievably we had made it! I had never felt more relief in my life. Jake helped me out of his truck and we made our way to the front door. However when we got to the door, much to our dismay it was LOCKED!!!!! It was before office hours, but it was nearly 8am. My midwife was supposed to be waiting for us at 7:30! Where in the heck was she, I HAD NOT been holding back this whole time to arrive at a locked door!

  As my next contraction started and holding back once again, I cried out to what we thought was our nurse who was getting out of the only other vehicle in the parking lot, "PLEASE! PLEASE! OPEN THE DOOR OUR BABY IS COMING!!" Unfortunately for me she replied, "I'm sorry I'm just here for an appointment!" I couldn't believe this was happening, it felt like a sick joke! My contraction stopped and Jake yelled to the lady to call 911 and she asked if we had a blanket. He then proceeded to call the birth center's answering service as he ran just a few yards away to our truck to grab our blanket. When he returned the nice lady, who to this day I have never met, was standing by my side on the phone with the 911 operator. As I stood on the front porch in my dress like nighty, my next contraction started and not only was I in complete and utter shock, but I had thrown in the towel. I was not going to hold back any longer! With that I yelled to Jake “The baby is coming!” And as I stood there with one hand on the front door of our birth center, I gave one push and my husband opened his arms and caught our sweet baby boy!

  Colson Richard Klindtworth arrived in his daddy's arms at 8:01am on that chilly Oregon, February morning. And thanks to you Kickee Pants, your very sweet blanket gave him a warm welcoming! And as Daddy says our little guy quite possibly could have slipped through his fingers had it not been for that blanket.

  My incredible husband remained amazingly calm as he held our son on my chest at the same time as he held me up! He continually assured me our baby boy was breathing perfectly and I had nothing to worry about. Obviously in complete shock I proceeded to apologize to the poor lady who had just stood in for the birth of our son. My own mother had never seen any of my deliveries, let alone a complete stranger.

  Seconds later we could see a woman crossing the parking through the fog. As I looked to my husband in tears and I was feeling very exposed I said “OH NO, more people are coming for their appointments!” Thankfully it was just the nurse who was there to open the birth center for the day. And boy was she in for a surprise when she found us there on the front porch! She very quickly unlocked the door and helped me to a long overdue bed. The midwife arrived minutes later and then the paramedics and my mom were seconds after that.  

  Now I'm sure you are all wondering where in the world my midwife was! Well when the birth center gave the midwife the message at 7:30 that we were 40 minutes away, she decided she would help check another patient of hers into the hospital (the hospital is literally a block from the birth center). That would have been perfectly fine had it taken us the usual 40 minutes. However Jake drove SO fast that it cut 10 minutes off our trip. I truly hope this doesn't give you a sour taste for midwives and birth centers because I absolutely love my midwife despite her late arrival to Colson's birth. And I would gladly do another birth center birth. My midwife was beyond apologetic and plus she had beautifully delivered my second baby girl which made it easier to give her some grace! Things went quite smoothly the rest of the day we were able to relax, recover and enjoy our sweet baby boy!

 Kickee Pants, we absolutely love your blankets and they will continue to swaddle all our little ones in the future! But after the particular events of that day Colson's little, Kickee, blue, striped blanket will always bring warm and exciting memories of that very special day! Thank you again Kickee Pants we would have had a much more slippery experience if it weren't for you! 

With Much Love, Jake, Kate, Aniyah, Alexa and last but not least our little Colson

If it weren't for your amazingly soft River Stripe receiving blanket, as my husband says "he would have slipped right out of my hands!" I'm afraid it brings a whole new meaning to "receiving" blanket! 

Our little guy was quite pleased to be welcomed by such a wonderful blanket when nothing else was at all conducive to our circumstances! His blanket is a little stained from the event that took place that day, but we will always remember the joy and excitement of the birth of our first son every time we look it. --Katie