A Child's Best Friend

It's no secret, we are all dog lovers here at KicKee Pants. Our furry friends are often found roaming our offices, extras in our photo shoots and the inspiration for our prints. They are members of our family and our children's first unofficial babysitter.  

Our prior Running Labs print had such a great response we have decided to bring it back! Stay tuned for Spring 2015 to see the new revamped print for all of our fellow dog lovers out there!

We have taken notice that many of our KicKee Cuties have their own loving canines on careful watch, and boy are they cute! Take a look :) 

blog pup 5.jpg
Photos: 1. Lilac Lab Ruffle Footie 2. Lavender Snow Tree Drop Waist Dress and River Snow Tree Polo 3. Lilac Running Lab 2pc Pajama (sold out) boy version here 4. Poppy Surf Trip Footie 5. Orchid 2pc Pajama 6. Natural Layette Gown 7. Twilight Coverall 8. Natural Layette Gown 9. Meadow Cow Applique Coverall (sold out) similar here 10. Pond  Running Labs Footie