KicKee Pants Newborn Essentials

Ok, you're having a baby, now what? There's a million things to prepare: CPR classes to be taken, a nursery to be decorated and an entire check list of purchases to make. Our advice to you, keep things simple! Have you ever seen those poor babies heading home from the hospital wearing miniature crispy jeans or a scratchy tutu? Yes, they may look cute, but if you just spent 9 months sloshing around in fluid would you really want to put on a pair of jeans? I don't think so! Five words: KicKee. Pants. To. The. Rescue. We have everything you need to guarantee your new little bundle is cozy and comfortable during their first days, and every day forward for that matter. 

Here are a few KicKee Pants Newborn Essentials to be packed in your hospital bag as well as waiting for you at home. You will love snuggling your little babe in our super soft bamboo and we hear it's so cozy it helps them sleep through the night! ;)

--Swaddling Blanket- Our swaddles offer the perfect amount of stretch to get a tight swaddle while our bamboo blend fabric is breathable and regulates temperature. 

--Stroller Blanket- If you're looking for a little more warmth or weight in your blanket, this is for you. A double layer of bamboo makes it a little heavier but still silky smooth and stretchy for swaddling, draping over the stroller or on the floor for tummy time. 

--Layette Gown and Knot Hat- This is the solution for those middle of the night diaper changes, make your life easier and get one, you won't regret it. 

--Newborn Gift Set- A no brainer, 3 pieces to make sure your baby is covered from head to toe. Our kimono wrap one piece makes it easy to wear, no over the head nonsense,  just a simple wrap around and you're done! 

--Short Sleeve One Piece- You can never have too many of these. They are great for layering and perfect for babies born in warm climates or hot summer months. 

--Footie- No KP wardrobe is complete without a footie! They are our best seller for a reason and pretty awesome at any age. Footies are essential for newborns as they have built in mittens to prevent scratching and extra cozy bamboo fleece in the paws of the feet. Now if only we could get one made in our size, right?!