KicKee Pants For Your Growing Baby

Let us guess, it feels like yesterday since you just stocked up on Newborn goodies for your sweet new baby? Let's be real, it probably was, but we all know how fast these tiny humans grow. Fast forward 6 months, your baby has officially outgrown their favorite KicKee Pants Layette Gown. Now what?! 

You must try one of our popular styles, the KP Converter. It's the perfect solution for growing babies. It starts out as a layette gown and then converts to a coverall in just a snap (pun intended) :) You can easily switch back and forth depending on what you need. Our Converters come in handy when transferring your baby in and out of the car. Keep them cozy and covered in their gown while they are out and about, and easily convert it into a coverall in order to comfortably buckle them into their car-seat to make sure their legs stay covered and warm. 

Here are a few more KicKee Pants suggestions for your growing little one. They may not be walking yet, but they sure do have that drooling thing down! 

--Short Sleeve One Piece- You needed these with your newborn and you'll still need them now. Our Short Sleeve One Piece is the perfect option to make sure your baby's belly doesn't show when they move to 2pc sets or separates. 

--Footed Pant- We recently designed these as a solution for those looking to keep their baby's little toes covered but looking for an easy on/off or no snap item. We must say these are great! Unlike many of our other products, these are not snug fitting and offer a great amount of room for little "KicKee" legs. 

--Stroller Blanket- Yep, still need them! They have so many great uses. Excellent for travel and let's face it, your tiny human is probably attached to that same stroller blanket you purchased when they were first born. You better buy some back ups, just in case! :) 

--Swaddle Blanket- It's been 6 months, you have the clear to work out and are busting your butt to try to lose that baby weight. These swaddles come in handy to drape over the stroller to create shade for your child while out on your walk or runs. We also may, or may have not, used them as a scarf too! ;) You may need to get one for your baby and one for yourself! 

--3 Piece Bib Set- These are a must! Your teething baby is now leaving their own little snail trail of drool everywhere they go. Our bibs are just as soft as our clothing with an absorbent terry cloth backing. They won't even know they are wearing one, but thankfully will now have a little drool catcher to keep their KP clothes clean and dry. 

--Coverall- Coveralls are our 2nd best seller and for good reason. They are practical, cozy and cute. The old school flap on the tush is darling and makes diaper checks pretty easy too! We have heard these can be worn forever! You don't have to worry about your little one's toes getting squished or poking holes in their footies as they grow out of their current size, the legs just simply get shorter and shorter, which of course still looks adorable! 

--Footie- We've said it before, we will say it again. You NEED a footie for every age! We're serious, even toddlers love them! #1 KicKee Pants item from day one!