This Little Thing Is Walking Already?!

Your extra small, eating, pooping and sleeping machine is now actually functioning like a real human. You know, doing the usual stuff that us grown ups like to do on the regular, like walk and talk :) They are now on the move, which is a blessing and a curse! It's so rewarding to watch our children grow and hit milestones, but does that really mean we have to put a latch on every single cabinet in our house? Yep, sure does! You might as well start now. Our kiddos are now very official explorers and want to learn and see everything! Let's allow them to! We started KicKee Pants not only to keep our most tiniest of treasures comfortable but also for our movers and shakers. It's important for them to feel unrestricted in a time where they are so eager to move, learn and explore all of their senses. We think these chosen KicKee Pants styles are the perfect fit for just that, plus clothes are so much cuter on now that they can actually stand up and show everyone! 

--Polo Romper- Let us tell you, our short rompers are pretty much the cutest things around. Come on, let's show off those little chunky legs! Our polo style is great for a more structured, but of course, cozy look. 

-- Ruffle Romper- Let us just say our retailers in the south have taught us many things, but one in particular: you can never have enough ruffles! If you haven't noticed, we keep adding more and more. You can thank our sweet southern store owners, because they know what's up in the ruffle department. Our Ruffle Romper does not disappoint. This style is perfect for hot summer weather. Imagine a ruffle tush and a teeny pair of sandals just cruising around. Too dang cute! 

--Short Sleeve Tee- This is one of our basic items that has seen us through the days when KP Headquarters was just a double car garage. It's a great layering item. Pair it with jeans, cargos or just a diaper and you're good to go! 

--Short Sleeve Swing Dress- We may be biased but our Swing Dresses are pretty much the cat's pajamas! Talk about the lap of luxury, can we please just swoosh around in this fabric all day too? These dresses are so sweet. The simple style and shape can even be worn as a nightgown. Pair it with our tights or bloomers and your little walker will be twirling in no time! 

--Short Sleeve 2pc Pajama- Now that your baby is on the move, some parents choose to move to a 2pc pajama. We were recently awarded the 2014 Earnie Award for Best Sleepwear for this very item, so we're telling ya, they are pretty good...Earnshaws said so! ;) We really believe in them and love hearing comments about how well their child sleeps in our pajamas or how this is their first pick out of the PJ drawer. We choose not to spray our clothing with harmful flame retardant chemicals and so therefore safety regulations require our 2pc pajamas to have a very snug fit. We call them Super Hero tight! Our bamboo blend fabric is so stretchy and soft that even when little Michelin Man arms seem to be shoved in, our PJs still offer comfort and movement for your little go getter. Feel free to size up a size or two if you want a more relaxed fit. 

--Footie- Yeah, you are going to think we're crazy, but trust us, keep buying these Footies. You are going to need them for a while. We were so thrilled to launch the new no-slip grip on the bottom of them. This is excellent to prevent slipping on tile or wood floors in your home. Your child is learning to walk after all, you can teach them how to ice skate later. No sliding around with our new Footies! 

--Coverall- These are still on the essential list, because you still need them. Sometimes you just don't have time to search for a matching shirt or decide whether it's pant or short weather. Just grab a Coverall and call it a day. 

--Ruffle Pant- These are so much cuter on than you would even imagine. They have a very long and lean fit with a slight flare at the bottom. Since we offer them in a million different colors and prints you can buy a few staple colors and... wallah! Easy outfits with the dozens of tees and onesies you probably already own. 

--Short Sleeve Ruffle Tee- Similar to our basic tee mentioned above, this just has some of that ruffle trim to kick it up a notch. You're welcome Texas! ;)