KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Baby Brooks

Lancaster General Health Women's and Babies Hospital
690 Good Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

Referred By: Kelcy Waller

Our little fighter was born on February 17th, at 30 weeks gestation, weighing 3 lbs 9 oz, after my preeclampsia turned severe. Brooks was strong from the beginning... he only spent a couple days on the ventilator before moving to the CPAP, then another couple on the CPAP before he was on just a high flow nasal cannula. We heard time and time again how strong he was, and how no one could believe how fast he was progressing. In total, he spent 35 days in the NICU and we're eternally grateful for the doctors and nurses that took such wonderful care of him. I'm attaching a bunch of pictures from birth, first time holding him, wrapped in his first KP, some throughout his stay there, and coming home ! We received more compliments than I can even count on how soft and adorable the swaddle blankets were. The occupational therapist in particular, that worked closely with our son, commented about how your blankets are PERFECT for preemies- tight enough to make them feel secure, but just enough stretch to mimic the womb and encourage movement. I can't think of any better way to repay the Women and Babies NICU in Lancaster, Pa for their amazing care than to win a donation for them, and their future tiny fighters. It was a long road waiting for our little man to come home, but the genuine friendships I formed with the nurses made it a tiny bit easier to leave a piece of my heart there every night.


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