KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Baby Irini

Winter Haven Hospital Foundation

Attn: NICU

200 Avenue F Northeast

Winter Haven, FL 33881

Referred by: Lindsey Papadopoulos

My nicu story is quite a whirlwind! My husband and I moved from ND to FL while I was 26 weeks pregnant and also had a 13 month old. My husband however had to return to ND to finish up the year of work. I was living on my own on the other side of the country with a 13 month old and 26 weeks pregnant. We skyped daily and chatted on the phone multiple times every day. When I was 32 weeks along we had planned a trip to have my husband come to visit for the weekend, my son (15 months at that time) and I were beyond excited to have "baba" back with us, if only for a few days! My husband arrived home late that evening, we hung out for a little bit and then went to bed for the night. Being pregnant I woke multiple times every night to go to the bathroom. As I got up to around 1 am, I noticed that my pants were wet. My water broke when I had my son so I kind of knew what had happened, but I tried to not believe it. I continued to the toilet, I sat down finished my business and as I leaned forward to grab some toilet paper I felt the "gush"...and then another "gush", I knew now that my water had broke at exactly 32 weeks! I immediately woke up my husband and told him, he had me go to the hospital to be checked. Upon immediate exam, the nurse informed me that she was 99% sure I wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon! I told my husband and he started arranging for my mom (in Minneapolis) to immediately fly to Florida to look after our son because he had to return to work. He then arranged for his parents (living in Greece) to fly in late that week to help take care of our son since my mom still works full time. All I could do at that time, while on strict bed rest, was to hurry up and wait! After 10 days, I got an infection and they had to take the baby NOW! My dad was visiting along with my in laws taking care of my son, so since I couldn't have my husband or my mom because they had to work (on the other side of the country) I told my dad to come and be with me for my c-section. He announced that a baby girl would be joining our family and she was sure a fighter! Irini was born on 10/22/2013 at 33 weeks 3 days gestation weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs 8 oz (chubby for preemies at her gestation)! She never required oxygen, she drank from a bottle like a champ immediately, and continued to make leaps in the nicu! The doctors were always so impressed with her growth! She stayed in the nicu for 12 days (mainly because of jaundice), and was sent home on a 3 hour feeding schedule (pump schedule)! She continued to grow and thrive and almost looking chubby at times. She met all of her milestones either on time or ahead of time, it was almost like someone forgot to tell her that she was born  six and a half weeks early! She is still my little spit fire at 17 months old, she has always given us a run for our money and I don't anticipate that changing any time soon!


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