KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Baby Matthew

John Muir Health Foundation
1400 Treat Blvd
Walnut  Creek, CA 94597

Referred by: Laurie Schaub

My name is Laurie Schaub. I have 4 amazing children and my husband plays for the NFL. We moved to California in July 2014. My husband had been traded to Oakland and we were excited for a chance to live in beautiful sunny CA! At the time, I was in my 1st trimester.  In August, I went into the hospital on bed rest at John Muir Medical center for one month and two weeks due to complete previa.  I was rushed by ambulance at 2:00am one evening and my husband was at training camp.I couldn't stop contracting. The chances of my baby surviving at this point were very slim. However, the doctors and nurses still stayed optimistic and kept me going. I have an amazing husband and three beautiful daughters all under 4. It was so incredibly tough being away from them. Every day, the nurses and doctors helped me to trust my faith and with a smile and a lot of hope helped me get through a long bed rest experience.  I was blessed that my mom was in town at this point with me and for my children. Mid August I met neonatologists Dr. Jeffrey Traynor, Dr. Rosa Won, Dr. Nick Mickas and Dr. Jenn Levy bedside. They explained to me what my NICU future would be if my baby came early.  All four never ever even mentioned the low vitality rate at this point. They simply said "Laurie, you can do it. We will take care of the baby and do the best we can to help him survive no matter what."On September 20 at 12:00am, my uterus ruptured. I was rushed into emergency surgery to try and save my son. He was 26 weeks at the time. I was promised as I was wheeled into surgery that the nurses and staff would take care of me and my unborn son. MY MIRACLE WAS BORN. Unfortunately, in coming out of surgery I was in immense pain. Something went wrong during the surgery. My stitches did not hold and I was bleeding out. Dr. Traynor assured me that my beautiful baby boy was perfect and in great hands. He was on a ventilator and they were still caring for him but he made it. My husband was flying back from London on a road game but he and I agreed by phone that we would name him James Matthew! Matthew was 2lbs and 9 oz! Every nurse and Doctor in the NICU stayed with my mom and stayed on the phone with family to assure them that everything would be ok. My husband was still in air as was the rest of my family when I went into a 2nd surgery. Dr. Traynor saved my life. My family arrived and this NICU took such great care of themat such a scary time. All of my family was out of state and even Matt and I were very new to California.It was 5 days post surgery that I was somewhat able to move in bed or get into a wheel chair. During this time, every nurse took pictures of my miracle Matthew and sent them to me. They also made signs in his pod and made cards for my girls from their newborn brother. I was released a week later from the hospital which was wonderful after bed rest, but my baby was still fighting the biggest fight of his life.My husband and I stayed every day for three long months in the NICU at John Muir. The nurses, doctors and staff became our family and took care of us. We were scared and knew that it would be a "rollercoaster" until Matthew was healthy enough to be released. Everyday the nurses would visit us in the room and emphasize the positive of Matthews visit and helped us to fight with him. The doctors remained extremely positive even when mentioning that there was a good chance that  Matthew may not be able to hear or see. They gave us everything we needed to get through the difficult news and possibilities. If there was a night that we were sick or unable to stay, the nurses called and took pictures to help us stay informed. The doctors did everything they could to help Matthew thrive in those 3 months. On December 15 we were told that Matthew might be able to go home. This was music to our ears. We were told that Matthew would leave on Oxygen and an heart monitor, but again assured us as they always did.....YOU CAN DO IT! We believe in you and your son does too. This hospital gave us hope, strength and reminded us to lean on our faith to get through a time that we didn't think we could handle. A new city, no family a month and 2 weeks away from my husband and daughters and an extremely scary situation with my newborn son. The NICU constantly stated...."YOU CAN DO IT". 

Today Matthew is 6months old. (3 months adjusted). He is still on oxygen and a heart monitor, but the happiest little man and he has his dad,momma and 3 sisters wrapped around his finger. We are forever grateful for the amazing care of John Muir's NICU. We could never repay them for everything they have done for me, my son and my family. They are so worthy of this donation!! 

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