KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Baby Adalyn

The George Washington University Hospital Women's Board Inc

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Referred By: Adria Browne

When I was 31 weeks pregnant, my husband and I went to our regular check up and I had high blood pressure. I was sent to the hospital and 5 days later at 32 weeks, our daughter, Adalyn Elizabeth was born. We were warned that she may not be breathing and would be very small. We were scared but ready. Well this little miracle came out screaming weighing 4lbs 15oz!!! They immediately took her to the Nicu after I gave her a quick kiss. She needed assistance breathing for only a few hours and then was breathing on her own :) after 20 hours I was finally able to hold my baby girl. She latched and began nursing. I couldn't believe it. She continued to nurse and the only concern was weight gain. After 5 days I was discharged from the hospital and that was the hardest day of my life. I called every 4 hours and for some reason she was getting worse. She would loose weight over night. For four days it was the same routine. I showed up in the morning at 6 am, nursed every three hours, and left at 7. Every night was the same story, she would loose weight when she was not nursing and we were not there. On day 9, Adalyn was in an open crib and only hooked to the monitors. We questioned why she was still there and why would she get worse at night. After a few hours, the nurse approached us and said the doctor on duty is a strict doctor and Adalyn must be very special, because she can go home tomorrow if she passes the carseat test. SHE PASSED! We picked her up the next day, just waiting for the ball to drop. Nothing ever dropped at our fighter was coming home weighing 4lbs 8oz.   If it weren't for the nurses being our advocate and the strength they gave us, I'm not sure we would have gotten so lucky.

So a happy story and a rare one we are very aware :) we are pregnant again and this time hope to make it to the end.

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