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Referred By: Lindsey Brouwer

Jack Nicholas was born on February 20, 2015.  He seemed healthy at birth and we headed home on February 22 (Sunday).  He was never a great eater and seemed to spit up (too much for this momma's comfort).  On Tuesday things went south.  He was projectile vomiting so we made a trip to our pediatrician and came up with a plan (we also found out he was very jaundice).  One of the plans we made up was if he kept vomiting we would bring him into the ER that night.  At 9pm that night we called our babysitter to stay with our 2.5 year old and we headed into the ER at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  I honestly thought we'd be in and out so I just grabbed the diaper bag.  What we found out in the middle of the night completely changed our lives.  After extensive testing they decided to do one more test due to the fact the dr saw his vomit was green.  Within 10 minutes of her ordering the test the radiologist was at the hospital, and within 15 minutes of the radiologist making a diagnosis, the surgeon was in our room explaining the surgery to us while the OR was being prepped.  This was all in the middle of the night.  Jack was diagnosed with Intestinal Malrotation.  What made his diagnosis an emergency is he had a Volvulus.  What this all means is when he was growing in utero, his intestines didn't form in the correct formation (this is the malrotation part).  And the reason he was vomiting green was he had a volvulus which means there was a twist (he had 2) in his intestines causing a lack of blood supply.  The reason it is an emergency surgery is that without blood supply your intestines can die.  Thank goodness this was caught in time as none of his intestines had died.  If they had, they would have had to cut the dead parts out and if that happens, there can be lifelong complications as well as possible death if too much has died.  Babies can die from this if it isn't caught in time.  From the research I have done, 1 in 500 babies are born with malrotation (not all get a can live your whole life without even knowing you have malrotation) so sadly this isn't as uncommon as I wish it was.

Back to our story...Jack went into emergency surgery at about 4 AM.  He was out of surgery around 5 and we were shown to what would be our home for the next 9 days at 6 AM.  We were emotional wrecks at this point.  We were so incredibly scared for our new baby who was barely 4 days old.  The nurses and doctors at Children's Hospital were incredible.  They were so great with our baby and provided support to us as parents as well.  Once Jack didn't need the biliruben lights he needed to be dressed to keep him warm but he couldn't just wear anything because of all the wires and tubes.  The hospital had some outfits to put him in until we could get home to see if we had any that would work. It was so nice that they had some available but some of them were extremely worn because so many babies have to be in the hospital that they get constant use and washing.  What a great gift it would be to gift them with some more outfits to add to their collection.  We were there with very few supplies but were able to get to our house to get some more but not everyone is close enough to run home occasionally.  And Jack went through quite a few outfits each day due to them getting dirty.  

Jack was released after a 9 day stay but not everyone is that lucky.  It was the longest 9 days of our life while we literally camped out in his room.  Unfortunately I didn't have any Kickee Pants outfits to put him in (but I did bring my daughter home from the hospital in one of your outfits 2.5 years ago!!!!).  He has now been cleared by his surgeon but we will always have to watch him as another volvulus could happen to him as he will always have Intestinal Malrotation.  

We are still adjusting to a new family of 4 so we haven't been able to do anything yet but we are determined to give back to the ICC unit that took such great care of us as well as the Ronald McDonald House that provided us with meals and showers so we didn't have to leave our baby.  My husband and I talked about it while we sat in the hospital and this is something very important to us.  I would love if this was the first way I could see this unit get something to help them out.  I can not say enough how amazing the staff were to us every day and how much they love those little babies.  

Thank you for reading my long winded story...sorry I explained so much about this birth defect but I'm determined to make this more known as we had never heard about it until we were sitting in radiology hearing the diagnosis and this isn't an uncommon birth defect!

And thank you for Kickee Pants gives back.  Your generosity honestly will bring smiles to the faces of parents who are going through s much emotional turmoil as they are sitting in a hospital with their precious new baby.  

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