KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Baby Scotia

Royal Alexandra Hospital
10240 Kingsway Ave
Edmonton AB T5H3V9 Canada

Referred By: Samantha Chriest

I am Sam and I am married to my best friend Kyle. Our NICU journey began on February 23 at 1:06am when we gave birth to our wee little girl Scotia Steele Saville. Scotia was born 14weeks early and weighed only 1Lb13OUNCES. When I finally realized I was in premature labour my heart sank I started to cry and I looked into my husbands eyes and said "I'm beyond scared." After a quick labour at the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton AB, Canada I was scared, excited, nervous, and felt a ton of other emotions. I was thankful for Canada and the amazing health care system. I was sad that I never got the chance to have a sweet little baby bump, I was excited to be a mom, I was frightened because she came so early, but I came to the realization that we were about to witness a miracle grow before our eyes. Scotia was born tiny but came out crying and breathing on her own. She has completely changed our life forever. The journey in NICU is still going on, as our sweet baby girl is just over 1 month old. Our first excitement of the NICU was how amazing all of Scotia's care team is. Every doctor, nurse, RT, fellow, pharmacist...ect. is phenomenal. From knowledge to kindness they have made being a NICU mom an amazing experience. At first I was over whelmed but now I realize that being a NICU mom and watching your baby grow instead of feeling your baby grow is a privlidge. We have had days where Scotia kicks butt, we celebrate everytime she gains an ounce. Weighing now 2LBS7OUNCES we just get excited over little wins!! When she poops and it stinks, when she pees a lot, when her rates on her breathing machines get lowered, every day has a positive. Some of our favorite times include long cuddles of kangaroo care: A time where Scotia gets to have a skin-to-skin cuddle with mom or dad! We love our cuddle time!! But, along with every positive is the whirlwind of hard days. Days when I'm holding our sweet baby girl and she holds her breath for a whole minute and she turns blue, days when her hemoglobin is low and she needs a blood transfusion, days when she looses an ounce, days when she doesn't poop, days when something pops up and they need a scan or an X-ray. But despite hard days we would never trade our sweet baby girl for anything. Being NICU parents is also amazing because of the support of other parents and family's in the unit and we have made some amazing friends!! We also are thankful for all our friends and family members to have stepped up to help cook us meals, buy groceries, send messages, call us and clean our house! The journey is a rollarcoaster full of all kinds of emotions but watching our sweet girl grow we know we wouldn't ever trade it. she rocks our world!!! We know we still have a ways to go on our journey, and we are thankful for all Scotia has taught us already. I truly can say I understand the quote "we have children thinking we will teach them a lot, but in reality they teach us a lot more" Scotia has taught us so much and we are forever thankful to her for that!! We are anxious to hopefully be able to bring her home by her due date (May31'2015) and at that point she will be wearing kickee pants full tilt!! The preemie sleepers are so soft and oh so cute! We cannot wait!!! But until that day comes we will be patient and watch our sweet baby girl grow. As Shakespeare has said "and though she be but little, she is fierce!"  Our wee little Scotia Steele is fierce and strong as Steele. 

NICU's in every hospital I am sure are amazing. It takes a special person to be able to work in a NICU. I am so thankful for everyone and everyone who has donated to any children's hospital. I know I will forever be donating to the Children's Hospital  in Edmonton and forever donating items for families, our journey Would not be the same if it wasn't for those who have done it for us! 

Thanks for letting us share our story, we can't wait to write about the journey when she comes home! I will forever be a NICU mom



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