KicKee Pants' NICU for YOU- Harper and Graham

Baylor Hospital 

attn: NICU

3600 Gaston Ave

Barnett Tower, Suite 100

Dallas, TX 75246

Referred By: Ashley Kelley

Harper- she was in the NICU for 11 days. Her twin brother, Graham, is rockin' his preemie footie (which he wore until about 2 months old!) and was in the NICU for 30 days. He was tiny but mighty! We made it to 35 weeks but only after I was on hospital bed rest for 82 days at Baylor Hospital in Downtown Dallas. Thankfully we were just feeder and growers but sweet Graham was pretty much clothes-less for the first 4 weeks of his life. How wonderful for him that he got to wear something soft when he got home! We love Kickee pants so much! At 5 months (this week!) we are currently rockin' the chocolate chip cookies and sure get lots of compliments on them! Keep doing the awesome work you all are doing!

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