KicKee Pants' Nationwide Easter Egg Hunt starts now!

You made it! What's the saying? The early bird gets the worm? Well, in this case is up to $250 buckeroos of KicKee Pants credit! It's pretty easy!  Read our clues and make a mad dash for that shiny egg! We have 20 eggs hidden throughout the U.S. all offering some pretty hefty dough. (3) $250 (3) $200 (3) $150 (3) $100 (4) $75.00 (4) $50.00. If you find one, make sure to share by using #IfounditKP on Facebook or Instagram! We would love to see our winners! 

Ok....let the hunt begin! 

-Highland Park IL- Travel to Larry Fink Memorial Park. You may need to scoot or SLIDE to find this KP egg. 

-Los Angeles CA- Eggs don't belong in flower patches! Find this one behind the Bunny Bungalow at our favorite outdoor shopping center. 

-Goffstown NH- Channel your inner Village People to find this one. Our egg will be at the entrance. 

-Marina del Rey CA- Follow the fisherman and take the steps up to the lighthouse, you'll surely find a treat on your way. 

-Poulsbo WA- Sir Giles Gilbert Scott really knows how to think outside of the box. Don't you agree? 

-Burlington VT- A bald eagle is carefully watching over our KP egg. Go get it, he needs a break. He's been watching over the area since 1907. 

-Costa Mesa CA- We like to work up a sweat here. You've got to have true GRIT to keep up! If you spot the 6 giant agave plants you'll definitely find your egg.

-Sandpoint ID- This lady shines her light rain or shine. Go see if her arms needs a rest.  

-Los Angeles CA- You'll see these animals in an upcoming Fall 15 collection. In the mean time, go see how they are liking L.A., but don't get stuck in the black stuff! 

-Lone Tree CO- Afraid of heights? No worries! No parachute needed here. Enter the flight chamber and fly like a super hero. Be sure to ASK someone for your cape first! 

-South Lake Tahoe CA- This hiding spot will always give you a warm WELCOME, well at least in the summer months. 

-Columbia SC- After a day of shopping at Village at Standhill, you may need to stop here to recharge. Look for the green mermaid and have a seat. 

-Draper UT- If you are near a magical tree full of life, you're getting warm. Our spot may not have any branches, but it has the best view of the biggest diamond around.  

- Sacramento CA- Even though the telephone number is listed, you can't call this City Operator for help. Just look below in the shrubs near the playground at William Land Park. 

-Middleton WI- This park preserves it's land and grows SUNNY FLOWERS. You may need to PLOW the dirt to find it. 

-Carlsbad CA- Time to surf! Pick up your board and stop to smell the flowers OFF SHORE first! 

-Duluth GA- Look behind the seal of the city as you enter into 45 acres of playgrounds, trails and fields. 

-Corona Del Mar CA- We get our best INSPIRATION here. Go to the very top point and look out, down and all around. 

-Salt Lake City UT- Look for the lone tree at the entrance of the home of lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 

-Santa Monica CA- Behind lifeguard tower 25 look for the smallest tree in the pack. 

Good luck! 

Winners: Don't forget to share!