Piper the Magnificent

When one of our favorite retailers, Everything Under The Sun, called us searching for swaddle blankets to donate, we had to find out more. Shana informed us about Piper Grace, the daughter of one of her customers. 

Thankfully we were able to learn so much more about Piper and her family through her mom's blog. We all stopped what were were doing at that moment and emerged ourselves into this heart-wrenching, yet heartwarming story about darling Piper Grace. 

We would never be able to do her story justice, so from here, we'll let Piper's Mom and family take it away...Tara, off to you. 

In honor of sweet Piper, Tara was inspired to create the Grace Blanket Drive, and this is where we (and hopefully you) come in! 

"Spending so much time in the NICU has allowed us to observe many needs that others may not think of when donating to a hospital. Donating a blanket not only reaches one family, one baby..... donating a blanket means adding to the NICU's linen closet supply. They supply blankets to over 75 beds per night with clean linens; and why not add a touch of warmth and flare to these beds! A new blanket can give the feeling of home and comfort to a new NICU family, that blanket can be laundered, circulated, and make baby beds for as long as that little blankie can hold up. One blanket....will add a touch of love to multiple babies...and THAT, my friends, is awesome!"--Tara


Contact: e-mail tarajarvis13@gmail.com to receive the address where to send your blanket.

Deadline: Please make sure all blankets are in the mail by Aug 1, 2015


  • NEW baby blankets of all types, colors or prints! Have some fun, and use your creative gifts! Nurses love a fun spiffy new blankie!
  • Sew your own! - About a square yard of fabric will do. (flannel & cotton hold up well to industrial washing.)
  • Buy a Blankie!
    • any medium sized baby blanket or throw 
    • cotton or flannel receiving blankets 
    • crib sheets & fitted sheets are great too


Hospital Rules - new/new with tag blankets only please. This ensures the safety of patients. 

DIY Fleece Tie Blankets - are known to NOT hold up well to all the hospital washing. We will absolutely still accept these as donations, but use these as gifts for NICU families/babies to take home. They will not be able to stay in hospital linen rotation due to short laundry life span...those poor fellows. 

Make sure to place your order before August 1st! Tara will be delivering all of the blankets on August 4th, Piper's Birthday! Our lovely KP Gal, Amber, just packaged up our donation! It's currently en route! We are sure they will love our KP Swaddles and we are so happy to be a part of this cause.