Fourth Annual Nationwide Easter Egg Hunt Starts Now!


Westerly RI- A bright spot even int he storm since 1775.

Austin TX- A mountain that isn't a mountain that oversees a lake that isn't a lake with a 360 view. 

Waikaloa HI- Go shopping like royalty, her (not his) royal majesty of course. Take a peek near one of the signs. 

Summerville SC- We are living the sweet life here in Summerville. Oh how lovely is a glass of this southern tea.

Missoula MT- Don't wake the grizzly bears while searching for this egg, they might be smarter than you think.

Madison WI- Take a stroll to the Frank Lloyd Wright building, with amazing views of the Capitol and the lake!

Dallas TX- You might want to drive to HP to have a taxi at 'my kitchen'

Sheridan WY- When you find this egg you will shout "Wow....that's one huuuuge Trout"

Chandler AZ- Look to the right of the galaxy ! Where golfers go to shop!

Savannah GA- In this Southern city built on a grid, a cathedral with two steeples overlooks a French square draped with moss. You’ll find me by the fountain.

Ridgefield CT- Off to Ballard in Ridgefield we go. We are surely hoping for no more snow. Just head to the Pavillion to grab a seat. And look down in the bushes beneath your feet.

Lake Charles LA- It’s not under this or out by the sea. It’s right by it and out by the lake. It’s the perfect place to thank those who have served our country.

Bellingham WA- Drive this scenic route to take in views of Samish Bay & the San Juans. Along the way, stop at Washington’s first state park. You won’t have to go far to find you're ‘welcome.’

Tualatin OR- Hurry up and hustle to get to the train trestle! You could run, bike or skate to this community park.

Jacksonville FL- Savor the fresh air while you shop. While the kids want to hop hop hop. Now take a break and let the kiddos have fun, climbing, running and enjoying the sun.

Orange Beach AL- People come through the front door of this Orange Beach restaurant for a view of "the gulf"

Anchorage AK- Ahoy there, matey! PARKed on a former homestead, this ship sails anywhere kids can imagine! Climb up, slide down and help steer. We can sail past a climbing wall meant for little hands and feet, snow covered ball fields, the Coastal Trail and towards majestic Susitna.

Springville UT- A favorite spot for lovers of art, this historic place has artistic creations inside and out.

Kansas City MO- Where the local farms come to you, grab fresh fruits, veggies and a hot cup of brew. One egg stands apart, amidst the flowers that will steal your lover’s heart.

Penn Valley CA- Follow the Gateway to delicious dishes, desserts and buns.Your surprise is waiting by Twelve purple little pansies and 28 yellow ones!

Los Angeles CA- Grab your furry friend and take them to get vanderpuffed! Enjoy your view of the succulents and don't forget to wear pink!

Bloomington IN- Be sure to stop and chat with this Hoosier veteran! He's not much of a talker, but he'll be sure to type it up for tomorrow's press.

Niles MI- Have an ear for music or a sweet tooth? Learn to play music or satisfy your craving after finding your Kickee Egg.

Baltimore MD- The installation earned the nickname the "Bulldog at Baltimore's Gate" serving as the coastal artillery headquarters for Baltimore, Maryland

Nashville TN- In the hills of green you will find a boy that is anything but a brownie.

Little Orleans MD- If you come from the south you can go on a train ride. If you come from the north you go to Fort Ashbury. First you have to cross here.

Newport Beach CA- Let your dreams set sell at this Lido Marina Village. 

Bismarck ND- You can walk along the river in our state capital and take in a little history of the steamboats. Along the way you’ll run into into an eagle embracing Mother Earth. While there take the time to reflect on the beauty ND possesses.


Good luck! If you are a lucky finder, be sure to claim your egg in the comments section of this blog to help current searchers know that location has been found. Feel free to share your photo on social for everyone to see and tag #IfoundItKP. Let the games begin!