KicKee Pants' Fifth Annual Nationwide Easter Egg Hunt

KicKee Pants’ Fifth Annual Nationwide Easter Egg Hunt Starts NOW!


Dallas, TX

Any all American girl knows that his is the best place in Dallas to get dolled up and meet the girls for some shopping

Valencia, CA

Spring has sprung! Let's hope these birds don't mistake this egg as one of their own!

Milwaukee, WI

A public garden where nothing is grown but polka is played

Oahu, HI

Near the back of the Valley, past UH, before the Falls, is a park with two gyms, pools and fields to play ball, At the base of a tree, a Kickee Egg is hidden. But wait! Which tree? In front of the pavilion!

Manhattan Beach, CA

a MAN A HAT N' (his) BEACH wear big red hats, climb ladders to rescue cats, ride big trucks with black tires, use big hoses to spray off fires on 15th Street.

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, that's where this golden egg wants to be! Find me at this iconic tourist destination and fan favorite photo op, near one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the city!

Newport Beach, CA

The fish on this island full of shopping need an early morning wake up call!

Chandler, AZ

Where the wild horses pass near this small western town. Cowboys, chuchwagons and campfires are the way of life!

Provo, UT

The Easter Bunny can hop for a while, but catching a flight makes getting to all his stops a lot quicker!

Windsor, CO

Find the Northern Lights in Northern Colorado, where you can play all day. This tree is not tall, but it holds a golden egg!

Granger, IN

Feeling nostalgic during your egg hunt? Check out this charming restored 1857 farmhouse for Jumbo Jelly Beans, tons of taffy, novelty candy, sodas, chocolate, and more. Chico's and chicas will get a kick out of it!

Cullman, AL

My Brother's live on the lake. You'll find me here, on the deck, enjoying the waterfront view, munching on some mozzarella sticks and having a cold drink!

Del Rey Beach, FL

Would Willy Wonka find Delray Beach FL a satis-“factory” place to visit? If yes, he might need to read up on new chocolate recipes.

Lafayette, LA

Go to this essential Lafayette Photo Spot downtown, look in the first A and quit egging around!

Nashville, TN

Where Granny White meets 12 South, There is a house in a park, This one made of stone, behind the house is also a table made of stone

Medford, OR

The “Ruhl” at this park is if it starts to rain - head for shelter!

Richmond, VA

Welcome to the dream of Sydney Gunst, that transformed the Erin Shades Farm and the Nuckols Family Farm, and changed Richmond forever.

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

"Hammocks are iconic in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Enter the Original Shop through the white picket fence.... take a moment to stop and smell the flowers."

Akron, OH

A Tiger plays here. The biggest event is named after tires, but its not a race. Where you to achieve Eagles.

Jacksonville, NC

Don't break the rules at this County park! The Pines don't open until 10 o'clock!

Tulsa, OK

You don’t have to search very long or far, as long as you swim float swim with your skills learned from ISR

Norman, OK

Spreading KicKee LOVE is fun year round, For this hunt turn your eyes to the ground, On a campus of crimson and cream, you can look for LOVE alone or as a team, Near a sculpture like a stamp , Find the egg first and be the champ

Abilene, TX

Hop on over and find me at this Storybook Capital sculpture! Pick up some locally made candies while you’re there!

West University Place, TX

This egg is not large but its certainly not Tiny, so if you cannot find it please do not be whiny. If you count to 10 somewhere in the middle you should begin to solve this riddle. As you walk around the parking lot you will find the perfect spot, where the flowers bloom you will find the golden egg very soon.

Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville is surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. The anchor of Main Street is the Historic Hendersonville Courthouse. Residents of Hendersonville are proud of this majestic, gold-domed building, as well as the monuments surrounding the building commemorating residents who bravely served in wars. Find the monument representing the war that took place from 1950-1953, and you will find your KicKee Pants Egg!

Kansas City, MO

Whether you love sea creatures or ice skating, this KC standard is the place for you. When searching for the egg think about your Kc roots and what our great city is known for.

Milford, MI

Don’t forget to stop by the downtown park and visit the memorial that is a respectful tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Huntsville, AL

At this place, you will learn that the “Rocket City” can get you to the Moon and back!

Oklahoma City, OK

Bring your friends and family, look up at the SPRING SKY or TWILIGHT moon. Not your typical POND garden. Sit with the spool and thread,grab a fork and spoon.

Missoula, MT

At a fort you will find a golden egg hitch’in a steamy ride down a track

Lake Charles, LA

With my sharp teeth and mouth open wide, I'm not on the beach but to the side.

Chico, CA

This fun summer camp is a great place to learn camp songs, archery, crafts, go on nature hikes and even take a dip in Big Chico Creek.

Colorado Springs, CO

The saint of animals holds a dove, and guards your treasure from above. He watches over the sick and new and if your hurt he'll watch you too.

New York, NY

Just a Hop-Skip-Jump off the “Q” and/or “6” to one of the best shops on the UES for boys and girls of all ages. Before heading in…………………..enjoy the greenery of the streets concrete jungle.

Draper, UT

Kick start your spring at the place when all the sportsman meet. Fly fishing, backpacking and baseball….but this little egg loves soccer!

Bentonville, AR

Slide around when it’s cold or get wet when it’s hot, this spot is fun and can’t be bought!

Overland Park, KS

If you look outside of the home of the big t-Rex, your guess would be on FIRE!

Portland, OR

Portland’s original lumber jack.

Texarkana, TX

In the gnome homes, where everything is twice as nice

Kennesaw, GA

You can get a WHOLE lot of food at this place on Barrett Parkway. Sitting pretty out front is where it will be

Vancouver, WA

Head to Washington's oldest public square in the heart of Vancouver. Here, you will find "a gift for you."



All finders MUST post that they found the ________ egg here in the comments on this blog post AND share a photo of the egg (as proof) on either Facebook or Instagram with #ifounditKP in order for that location to be considered claimed. (Private accounts must send a DM message).

We will be following along and helping to let you know which locations are still available! Good luck everyone!

Happy Easter from KicKee Pants!